• Jakob Sandt founded a manufacturing operation for the construction and repair of machines and tools for the shoe industry and later for Die Cutting machines

  • Johannes Schön and Max Grund founded the company Schön for the construction of shoe machines

  • Construction of the first hydraulic drives, pumps and controls

  • Market launch of the first Schön- Swing Arm Cutting Press

  • Cooperation agreement between Schön and the Hungarian Company KAEV in Eger.

  • Merger of the companies Schön and Sandt to Schoen + Sandt Machinenbau GmbH; further development of the punching machine   

  • Takeover of Schoen + Sandt Machinenbau GmbH by private investors; 
    Merging with Leiner Stanztechnik GmbH and TSM to Schoen + Sandt Machinery GmbH

  • The investor ICG International Cutting Group takes over the majority of shares in Schoen + Sandt Machinery GmbH in November and continues to drive growth through further internationalization of the group and the deepening of its product portfolio.

  • Freeman Schwabe Machinery joins the ICG International Cutting Group in July

  • Acquisition of schoen+sandt group (excl. Freeman Schwabe) by Quantum Capital Partners

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